How to Market your Website on Facebook

Having a website to sell your products and services is not doubt essential today, but without promoting your site or advertising it in the right manner; you may not be able to generate the kind of sales you are expecting. Even if you do not have a big budget to spend on various high ranking sites, there are ways using which you can still promote your website effectively without spending a dime.

These are the times of social networking sites. Millions are all the time on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, sharing their opinions and feelings about life, friends, and in general products and services. However, it is Facebook out of all social networking sites that have been found most effective as a tool to improve upon one’s sale, as a friend recommending a site for a product or service has a far more weightage than even a celebrity promoting a product.

It is true that most people visit their Facebook account to see the comments made by their friends and to post a comment themselves. Facebook is also mostly utilized to share photos and to make comments on other’s photographs. However, what many do not realize is that the site is also used by people to popularize their products and services. Once you know the power of Facebook, you too will start to make use of the immense potential of this giant of a social networking site to promote your website. Millions before you have done it, and you too can benefit from it,

Just make a Facebook page keeping a unique name for you. Place a Facebook widget on your site and create a landing page. When making the Facebook page, make sure to add as much detail about your business and products as you can. If possible, insert the logo of your company also. Making the page interesting will ensure followers will increase. Share valuable information for free and act of comments made on your profile. You can share funny videos and photos and your experiences to build a relationship with your followers.

Add a like box on your home page. As soon as a fan likes your website his photo (thumbnail) is displayed on your website. You can maximize chances of getting more visitors to your website by adding links to your website on your Facebook page. You can even create a social group and ask people to become its members.

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