Promoting your Website on Free Classified Sites

It is a wise decision to have a website of your own to take advantage of exponential exposure through internet. But how do you tell the world about your product or service? This is a big problem today with thousands of new sites being launched every day. It becomes all the more difficult if you happen to have a small budget for promotion. However, there is no need to worry as there still are ways to let people know that you have arrived on the scene and have something unique and cost effective to offer to them. I am sure you must have heard of classifieds websites. Small business owners who are unable to dispense with their hard earned money for promotion can take advantage of these sites and place their ads for free on these classified ads sites.

Unique is the buzzword
One fact that every manufacturer learns quickly is effective marketing of his product or service. You can place your ad on several classified sites and you do not pay a dime for their services. Isn’t that great to have some cheap publicity and in turn some new customers? Remember to have a punch line that is unique and can bring a smile on the faces of those who see it on internet. I am sure you still remember some of the jingles that you saw on TV when you were growing up. If you can create a line that makes potential customers remember your product or service, half the battle is won. And yes, do not forget to link your website as well as your email ID so that anyone can contact you if he has any doubts or queries.

How to find relevant free classified sites
When you perform a search for free classifieds, you will come across hundreds of such sites. How do you decide which ones are likely to advertise your blog or site in a nice and better manner so that you get additional customers? It is better to type top 10 classified sites that will return same results on all search engines. Spend some time to check on the ads placed on these sites. You can place you ad on all these sites or you can chose 2-3 of these top 10. Make sure you change your ad every few weeks to maintain the freshness. To appear credible, make sure you have a valid business license and a tax ID as people like to do business whom they perceive as genuine.